Who are we helping?

Norwegian People’s Aid — Mine Action

Our Charity:

They are a Norwegian NGO aid organization that does all kinds on humantarian work thorugh out the world. The have been involved with everything from democracy building in Bosnia-Herzegovina being a strong advocate for the international ban on clusterbombs.

The reason why we would like to support them is because they work in the places that don’t figure in the news, they go where the world forgot there was anything. Like the places we are driving through this summer. As a matter of fact the goodhearted people of NPA have a project in one of the countries we are driving through this summer

Tajikistan is one of those countries the world forgot. It’s right north of Afghanistan and shares a border with that wartorn country. And it’s full of landmines. Anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions are indiscriminate weapons that injure and kill civilians in every corner of the globe, every day. They don’t recognize ceasefires and they continue to claim victims long after the end of conflicts. They instill fear in communities and are a lethal barrier to development. NPA was asked in 2009 by the Tajik authorities to help to rid their country of these dreadfull weapons of war.

Contamination from landmines, and explosive devices like them, exists within three distinct regions of Tajikistan; the Central Region a result of the civil conflict between 1992–1997; the Tajik-Afghan Border (TAB) contaminated during the 1991–1998 period; and the Tajik-Uzbek Border (TUB) contaminated with AP mines laid during 1999–2000. Most of the Tajik-, Afghan and Central areas have been surveyed while the Uzbek border is currently being surveyed. According to the data gathered and information from national authorities the implications of the current landmine threat is severe. Currently, 456,790 people live in mine-affected areas, approximately 70 % of which are women and children. The risk areas are usually located in hills and mountains where most villages are located.

Since 1992, the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) has become one of the lead NGOs in the field of humanitarian mine action, undertaking programs to battle mines and ERW (explosive remnants of war) in a total of 25 countries worldwide. Active today in 18 affected countries, NPA is one of the major global NGO contributors to reduction of the world wide problems created by landmines and ERW, spending more than USD 30 million annually on this activity alone.

We want to help NPA in their effort to make the world a safer place, so help us, help them, by donating money to their humanitarian work in Tajikistan.